Ringtone Maker

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Get Ringtone Maker Source Code today for iOS , this fun music app source code will help show you how to make an app. Build your own iOS ringtone maker app easily using this app template.

Features :

App runs on iPhones only

Built on XCode/ Objective C

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Product Description

Have you got a song on your iphone / ipod and want to use it as your ringtone… well look no further… Magictime are proud to bring you “Easy Ringtone Maker”. It is an essential app for everyone who has an iPhone and has music on it. You can now use this app to create your own ringtones from music from your ipod library. You must Sync your iPhone with itunes on your computer to be able to load your ringtones. Ringtone length must not exceed 30 seconds! Great features include ; 1. Unlimited amount of Ringtones can be saved from your iPod library. 2. Preset the length of your Ringtone. Make a Ringtone anywhere from 1 second to 30 seconds 3. Songs in your ipod library can be converted to a Ringtone. 4. Beautiful visual display of track when selecting your sample. 5. You are able to name your ringtone to whatever you like. Buy Ringtone Maker! Have Fun & Enjoy!



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