The mobile app business is turning out to be much more massive than everyone thought

A leaked email from a BBC producer says it all: “I don’t get this modern obsession with sharing, linking, forwarding, re tweeting…” Plenty of people still […]

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Consumers and Mobile Apps: Transforming the Way You Do Business

Americans are more attached to their phones than ever, spending two hours a day or more on their mobile devices. SmartInsights research shows the majority of […]

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Social Media Marketing Tips for Local Businesses

  So many times I’ve heard businesses — especially small businesses — say that social media just isn’t for them. It takes too much time. They’re not sure […]

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Oars to Keep You Afloat in Social Media Marketing Quicksand

Don’t you sometimes feel that Social Media Marketing is like quicksand? This everchanging world can certainly be overwhelming to business owners who work hard on their […]

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